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AM Cat Goat Milk Powder (250g)

  • RM23.00 / pcs
  • RM29.90
  • Brand: AM
  • Product Code: MILKAMG250C
  • Availability: Pre-Order

- Made in Netherlands
- A Halal Certified Product
- High Calcium
- High Vitamins
- For Bone Building
- High Minerals
- High Proteins
- No Preservative
- No Artificial Colouring or Flavouring
- Ideal Milk Replacer Substitute
- Supports Strong Bones And Healthy Teeth
- From Goat's Milk
- Am Pets Healthy Solutions
- High In Calcium & Protein
- Does Not Contain Preservatives
- Vitamin & Mineral Enriched
- Easy To Digest
- Age range description: For cats and kittens above 8 months old
- Product weight: 250g (8.8oz)

This AM Premium Goat Milk Replacer for Cat & Kitten made from Goat's Milk contains all the necessary nutrients and vitamins your life stage 1 needs for proper growth and a healthy immune system

Premium milk replacer is made with natural goat's milk to properly nourish your cat and add essential nutrients to support healthy teeth and strong bones

Wholesome and natural, this premium kitten milk replacer powder is made from whole goat's milk, providing your kitten with the nourishment it needs for a lifetime of healthy teeth and strong immunity

AM Pets supports happy, healthy pets. Taste tested and approved by pets alike, vitamins and supplements offer healthy solutions for your furry friends from head to tail

Susu Tepung Kambing AM tidak mengandungi lactose, oleh itu Taiwan tidak akan mendapat cirit-birit selepas mimun. Ia kaya dengen vitamin B kompleks, mineral, kalsium semula jadi & enzim untuk membantu menilngakatkan imauniti hazwan, otot, rambut berkilat terang & meningkatkan haiwan peliharaan lactate.

AM Goat Milk Powder does not contain lactose, therefore pets will not get diarrhoea after drinking. It is rich with vitamin B complex, mineral, natural calcium & enzyme to help improve pets immunity, muscles, bright shiny hair & increase female pets lactate.

- High Calcium
- High Vitamins
- For Bone Building
- High Minerals
- High Proteins

Tanpa Bahan Pengawet, Pewarna atau Perisa Tiruan.
No Preservative, No Artificial Colouring or Flavouring.

PREPARATION: Kitten / Cat - 1 scoop to 90ml of water

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