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Comix Stationeries Set (14pcs)

  • RM67.90 / pcs
  • Product Code: COMIX14
  • Availability: 170

  • Material: High-Quality Plastic
  • Display 12 digits.
  • Dual power supply design.
  • Independent memory.
  •  Power saving shutdown button.

4) Comix Stapler (B3046)

Color: Light Grey
Size: 12.7cm x 4.4cm x 51.5cm (L x W x H)
Weight: 0.12kg

  • 50mm throat. Stapling capacity 2-25 sheets.
  • Full load 80 staples, 20000 times.
  • Please use this staple with Comix staples.
  • Temporary and permanent stapling available. Mind your fingers when in use.

5) Comix Bullet (B3058)

Staple box size: 68mm x 37mm x15mm (L x W x H)

Staple size: 6mm x 12.8m ( W x H)

Weight: 44g

  • Paper thickness for staple: 2-25 pages / 80g
  • Material: Nickel

6) Comix Staple Remover (B3075)

  • Size: 76mm x 37mm x 60mm (L x W x H)
  • Color: White
  • Weight: 40g
  • The number of staple paper: less than 25 pages.
  • Modify a bird beak shape.
  • Lightweight and effortless, simple and stylish.
  • Portable and convenient to use.

7) Comix Gel-Ink Pen 0.5mm (GP6600)

Color: Red, Blue & Black
Size: 1.5 x 1.5 x 15cm (L x W x H)
Weight: 24g

  • Tungsten carbide ballpoint pen.
  • Quality bullets, safety pen caps.
  • Smooth writing and comfortable grip.
  • Non-slip soft glue is provided at the pen holding position, which makes you feel comfortable.
  • The writing is clear and continuous, and the long-term archive does not fade.
  • High-quality ink, pure color, quick-drying is not easy to fade, the viscosity is just fine.

8) Comix Easy Stick 3" x 3" - 80 sheets (D6029)

Size: 7.6cm x 7.6cm (3in x 3in)

Color: Yellow

Weight: 36g

  • Total: 80 pages.
  • No curling, easy to tear
  • Bright color paper.
  • Record the important notes, no longer worry about something forgotten.

9) Comix Glue Stick PVA 15g (B2654)

Size: 23mm x 23mm x95mm (L x W x H)

Weight: 29g

Product Description:

  • Stick firmly and lastingly.
  • Free of formaldehyde.
  • PVC solid glue, make the paste simple.
  • Long-lasting moisturizing, strong stickiness, and smooth application.
  • Easy to use and firm adhesion.
  • Suitable for all kinds of paper, handmade products, documents and envelopes, etc.
  • Lipstick design, rotating bottom, striped lid, easy to carry.

10) Comix Paper Clips (B3508)

Size: 6cm x 6cm x 4cm (L x W x H)

Weight: 75g

  • One plastic packaging: 150pcs
  • Paper clip size: 2.9mm x 0.8mm (L x W)
  • High-quality steel clips.
  • Light-colored transparent packaging, easy to handle, fully enclosed barrel packaging to prevent leakage.
  • Anti-slip treatment on the surface of the product, which effectively increases the friction during use, can hold the paper firmly and is not easy to fall off.
  • Strong toughness and durable.

11) Comix Notebook (C5902)

Notebook size: 21cm x 14.2cm x 1.8cm (L x W x H)


Paper Size: A5

Material: PU material cover

  • Can be spread 180 degrees, can write on both sides, you can flip through properly.
  • Total of 122 sheets (13.8cm x20.6cm).
  • Strap design on the cover to protect inner pages.
  •  Waterproof and anti-friction.
  • 8mm write line spacing.
  • Ivory inner paper, not easy to bleed ink, visual comfort.

12) Comix Eco Display Book A4 -10 pages (PF10AK)

Color: Light Blue

Size: 31.5cm x 23.5cm x 3.1cm (L x W x H)

Weight: 0.1kg

  • PP material, beautiful texture, pure color, flat and durable.
  • Easy to take out or insert the documents.
  • The welding of this file is firm, the file is not easy to fall off, and it can last for a long time.
  • High-quality inner page bag, the inner page bag will not sticky, transparent, and easy to find.

13) Comix AB600A-W A4 2 Lever Clip File (AB600A-Q)

Color: Light Blue

Size: 315mm x 235mm x 21mm (L x W x H)

Weight: 0.1kg

  • Suitable for office use. Flat plate clip file.
  • PP plate, smooth, comfortable and beautiful.
  • The single clip product comes with a pocket inside, which can hold scattered documents.

14) Comix File Box (B2173)

Color: Light Blue

Material: PP

Size: 32.3cm x 26.5cm x 31cm (L x W x H)

Weight: 0.4kg

  • Every file box contains a front label, classify it easier to save files.
  • Assembly is easy and convenient, fast, and convenient.
  • Ventilated and dry, not easy to accumulate dust.
  • Firm and solid, not easy shaking.

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