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Home Shield High-grade Multifunctional Socket - Surge Protection - Fire Retardant (HS-5GANG)

  • RM55.00 / pcs
  • RM65.09
  • Brand: OEM
  • Product Code: HS 5GANG
  • Availability: 11
A new breakthrough in socket products, Surge Protection is a means to control transient high voltage and current up to 10,000V and 10,000A, with start-up lapse of 1ms. It will completely confine indoor circuit to a safe range. It has passed the test and inspection imposed by the national specialist authority of lighting protection. It guarantees safe operation of your electrical and telecommunication devices, your electrical and telecommunication devices, such as computers, video and audio players, etc.

  • Response Time - T -> 25nS
  • Varistor Voltage - 470V ~ at 2mA (8/20uS)
  • Clamp Voltage - 800V ~ at 100A (8/20uS)
  • Max Voltage - 1.2KV at 4.5KV (8/20uS)
  • Max Energy Absorption - 230j (1:1ms) 

  • Thermal circuit breaker - press to reset
  • Insulation resistance - 5 (mega ohm)
  • Rated voltage - 250V ac
  • Rated current - 13 amp
  • Power wattage - 2500w
  • Cable min. size - 3 x 1.5mm2

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