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Bentong Original Ginger Tea 25gm x 12s

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Our Bentong Ginger Tea is made of natural Bentong’s ginger and brown sugar.  No preservatives, additives and colouring.   Bentong’s ginger are of distinct standard due to the cold, mountainous region in which they are grown, the soil is fertile and the water source is calm, make it grow healthier and rich in nutritional value.  Brown sugar is also a beneficial natural food, besides being a source of amino acids it is packed with many minerals and vitamins.


The Bentong Ginger Tea is a health product that treats common cold, coughing, bronchial infection, etc.  Drink regularly to prevent cold hand and feet, menstrual cramps, anemia, rheumatism, dizzy spells and headaches.  When consume, the warm and spicy taste of ginger tea develops heat in the body that helps promote blood circulation, repel coldness, rid coughing and phlegm, as well as detox.  For those who are under stress and lack of exercise, Bentong Ginger Tea helps to promote blood circulation to soothe muscular discomfort on shoulder and neck, refresh the body.  Bentong Ginger Tea is also a natural antiemetic to prevent nausea and vomiting, relieves gastrointestinal peristalsis, prevents symptoms of motion sickness.

文冬姜母茶有多种保健功效,可以治疗感冒,咳嗽,支气管感染等疾病。此外,多喝姜母茶可以防止手脚冰冷,经期腹痛,贫血,风湿和头昏头痛等问题。味道辛辣的姜母茶喝进体内会产生热气,协助身体内气血循环,有温中散寒,祛滋消痰的妙用。 压力大且运动量少者也应该多喝姜母茶,以促进血液循环,纾解疲劳并恢复神气。姜母茶也是天然的止呕良药,能够减缓肠胃的蠕动收缩,并且有效预防晕车,晕船所引起的不适。

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