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16"Ventalation Blower (Blow & Suck) FB-336

  • RM857.14 / pcs
  • Brand: LEADER
  • Product Code: F10 177
  • Availability: Pre-Order

Product Name : 16" Ventalation Blower (Blower & Suck)

Model : FB 336

Size : 520(W) x 510(D) x 580(H)mm

 Power: 1

(A) Current: 3.8

(RPM) Speed: 2845

(CFM) Air Volume: 3950

Feature : 

1.Greater air flow and increased efficiency.

2. Stackable during transportation and storage.

3.High density polyethylene housing for durability

4.Capability of connect up to long duct.



Application :

1.Suitable for air dry the floor and carpet.

2.Ventilating confined spaces such as basement and tunnel.

3.Exhausting fumes.

4.Marine industry such as ship building.


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