Check Delivery Status - Sure-Reach

Go to login with password

On top right hand side choose MY ACCOUNT and click ORDER HISTORY.

Choose the Order ID you wish to check the order status and click view as red columm.

Scroll down to order history can view the order status .

Select the link URL and right click copy the link under the comment columm

Open a new tab and paste the link in the URL columm and press ENTER

Key the number for Track

Click the Details to view 

View the Results check the status 

Status & Meaning

Origin Check in - The parcel has been collected by Sure-reach and arrive in PJ branch.

Origin Check out - The parcel has been out of delivery from PJ Branch.

Hub Check in - The parcel has departed at HQ location 

Hub Check Out - The Parcel has Out of deliver from HQ location

Successeful Delivered - Parcel has been received

HERE to check they branch address and contact