Brother Warranty Claim

Printer Warranty Claim

"Warranty" refers to limited product warranty provided by Brother International (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd , please click here for Warranty Terms & Conditions details.Brother offers two types of Warranty services: “Carry-in Warranty” and “Onsite Warranty”. 

Carry-in Warranty Service

“Carry-in” warranty services mean repairing service for your Products by Brother or Brother’s authorized service center’s technicians at a place designated by Brother.  Where the Warranty service type is “Carry-in,” you will be solely responsible to deliver and transport the Product, including payment for the delivery charges for sending to and receiving the Product from Brother’s authorized service center. The name and telephone number of Brother’s authorized service center near you may be obtained from Brother’s website here  or by calling our Customer Service.  You will need to include your proof of purchase with the warranted Product. Any damage caused during transportation by failing to package the Product correctly will not be covered by this Warranty.


Onsite Warranty Service

“Onsite” warranty services mean repairing services for your Products performed by Brother or Brother’s authorized service center’s technicians at your designed place.  To be eligible for Onsite Warranty service, (i) your Product must be one that Brother categorizes as an “on-site” Product in this table (which may be amended by Brother from time to time), and (b) you must be situated within a 35km radius from any of Brother’s authorized service centers.  If you meet these requirements, Brother will dispatch its or Brother’s authorized service center’s technician to where the Product is situated.

Consumables Warranty Claim

Call 03-7884 9999 Operating Hours (Mon-Fri 8:30AM-5:30PM) & (Sat 8:30AM-1PM) Or

Click HERE ask for Live Chat support help 

If the technical support can't solve the problem in phone or live chat , they may suggest your consumables send back to service center
For those defective consumables must prepare some document before went to the service center
1.Proof of purchase
2.Print out sample
3.Printer model & printer serial number